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Give us a call if there's anything we didn't cover below!

Q: Are you licensed and insured?

A: We have a mobile food license with the State of Florida, and are fully insured as a business and boat. 

Q: Where are you located? What are your hours?

A: Yacht Haven RV Park and Marina (2323 W State Rd 84, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312). We open 8AM - 2PM M-SAT (June - December) and 7 Days a Week (January - April)  Instagram and Facebook.

Q: Do you deliver? How do I get the food into my belly?

A: We deliver to all guests of Yacht Haven Park free of charge. You may also come to the vessel located on the dock nearest the pool. We are also on UberEats for those of you not staying at Yacht Haven Park.

Q: Do you offer catering services?

A: You bet - we're ready to dock at your private venue and cater to your unique event. For all the delicious details and to get started, swing by our Catering page. Let's chart a course to make your event unforgettable!


Q: Can I place an order in advance?

A: Absolutely, you can secure your culinary treasure in advance. Give us a call to place your order, or if you're feeling adventurous, send a text (but beware, we've got a T9 keyboard, so a call might beat us to the punch). Keep in mind, while we're sailing the culinary seas, we might not be able to answer right away, but fear not – we'll navigate back to you as swift as a seagull chasing a french fry!

Q: Do you sell alcohol?

A: Mobile food permits do not allow for the legal sale of alcohol, so alas, at this time, we do not serve alcohol. We sell water, soda (Coke/Sprite/Colombiana), Juice, Gatorade, and Celsius.

Q: Is your food allergen free? 

A: Please call us and the chef will be happy to answer any questions. We do not offer Gluten-Free bread, but can serve food on a bed of lettuce. The Veggie Burger and Crabby Patty cannot be made GF. There are nuts in the Veggie Burger, which cannot be substituted out. Let us know if you are allergic to seafood to reduce risk of cross contamination.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Cash, credit card, Cash App, Apple, Android, and Google Pay. No Bitcoin! :)

Q: So with the name The Hungry Dutchman, are you all Dutch?

A: While we are not Dutch by birth, we're definitely 'Dutch' by appetite. The Hungry Dutchman is a play off of "The Flying Dutchman", an infamous ghost pirate ship. Our flavors and feasts know no boundaries, and our culinary adventures sail the seven seas of taste! So, whether you're a landlubber or a salty sea dog, come join us for a meal that'll make your taste buds dance a jig!






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