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Who We Are

The Hungry Dutchman was created by three hungry pirates from all walks of life that love being on the water, believe in fresh food and love to create a memorable experience. Amanda met Nico working for a cruise company specializing in small ships and river vessels; they became fast friends, sharing the same vision for hospitality. After Amanda left cruising, she moved to South Florida and got a job as a Mate at Water Taxi, where she met Michael; they clicked instantly because of their love of boats, water, and adventure. In a tale as serendipitous as the ebb and flow of the tide, Amanda, Nico, and Michael found themselves on a collision course with destiny, culminating in the birth of The Hungry Dutchman.


With stars aligning, the trio embarked on this new chapter. The stage was set, and The Hungry Dutchman emerged as a culinary haven that marries the thrill of adventure with the comfort of extraordinary flavors. 


Amanda, Nico, and Michael chart a course that intertwines their dreams and passion, ensuring that every experience with The Hungry Dutchman is a journey that celebrates the sea, the senses, and the shared joys of life on the water. The Hungry Dutchman prides itself on delivering your food with fresh ingredients and next level customer service. Join Nico, Mike and Amanda on the water when your hunger strikes.

Amanda Coleman

Meet Amanda, our event extraordinaire, co-owner, and boat co-captain! Hailing from the shores of Lake Erie, Ohio, Amanda's love of boating started young. A true water baby, she's got the sea in her veins.


Armed with a Hospitality Management degree from Kent State University, Amanda made her mark as an F&B director in Cleveland hotels for 8 years, before taking the helm as an assistant hotel & restaurant manager for a cruise company specializing in intimate ships and river vessels. Her journey flowed southward to sunny Florida, and you may recognize her from her time at Fort Lauderdale’s Water Taxi! 


At THD, Amanda is the warm voice that greets you with affectionate pet names when you call. As our Director of Vibes, she embodies community upliftment, infusing each interaction with positivity and cheer. With an infectious enthusiasm, Amanda ensures every connection made with The Hungry Dutchman is as memorable as our crafted dishes.

Michael Angulo

Meet Michael, the intrepid captain & co-owner at the heart of The Hungry Dutchman's grand adventure! With a background as a boat mechanic and a seasoned Water Taxi engineer in vibrant Fort Lauderdale, Michael's love for the outdoors and all things nautical is undeniable. He's not just your average captain – he's also showcased his survival skills on the TV show Discovery's Naked & Afraid, lending a touch of wilderness wisdom to our culinary journeys, ensuring utmost safety at every turn.

When he's not expertly navigating the waters, you'll find Michael immersed in the world of feline fun with his three adorable cats, adding an extra dose of charm to his adventurous spirit. His commitment to safety is unwavering, making him the stalwart protector of The Hungry Dutchman's delightful voyages. So keep an eye out for this safety-savvy, outdoors-loving captain – he's the reason your culinary treasures find their way to you, delivering not just meals, but moments to savor!

Nico Suarez

Meet Chef Nico – THD’s culinary maestro, event/catering expert, and zestful co-owner! With a dash of hospitality magic since age 8, Nico's journey began in his family's restaurant, and he's been crafting unforgettable experiences ever since. A true hospitality connoisseur, he even sailed the high seas as a General Manager of cruise boats across the USA!


Nico's appetite for success led him to major in Hospitality Management at the University of Central Florida, all while conquering the restaurant world as a manager. His passion for cuisine ignited a flavorful collaboration with his dad, resulting in a downtown Fort Lauderdale food truck that's become a local legend.


And it's no surprise where his zest for flavors comes from – every member of his Italian/Colombian family is a culinary virtuoso, dedicated to crafting seriously good food. With Nico at the helm, every bite becomes an adventure, every event a masterpiece. Join us on this savory voyage, guided by the one and only Chef Nico!

The Hungry Dutchman serves fresh food prepared daily for you, our fellow buccaneers! Chow down on scrumptious hand-pressed burgers, Pineapple Pulled Jerk Pork or our Crabby Patty made with blue crab, and more. Even our lovely vegetarians can enjoy freshly made veggie burgers. To enjoy our food at your home, business or dock near you, we can cater your next event right on the water, and delight your guests. See you on the water!

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